About Baking Bad

Baking Bad is a team of developers, crypto-enthusiasts and just friends involved in the blockchain world since 2017 and lately most time in Tezos. Our philosophy is making the blockchain world difference. Our principles are to make everything as simple and convenient as possible to minimize the entry threshold for new users and increase the efficiency of the entire ecosystem.

Meet our team:

Member Branch Functions Social
Max Strebkov Baking Bad Core dev    
Dmitry Mirgaleev Baking Bad Core dev
Michael Zaikin Baking Bad Dev tools
Artem Poltorzhicky Baking Bad Dev tools
Vladimir Zarechnev Baking Bad Community
Oma Bazmanov Baking Bad Content
Kirill Zakharov Baking Bad Artist
Igor Matsak Atomex Core dev
Alexander Rakunov Atomex Smart contracts
Alexey Sivolapov Atomex Services
Konstantin Karuna Atomex Platforms
Mikhail Smirnov Atomex Platforms

Our projects

Baking Bad

  • Baking Bad - Audit & Rating of Tezos bakers. Also provides API for access to public baker’s data.
  • Baking Bad Bot - Telegram bot that notifies you of rewards gained, payouts received or if your baker has skipped payout or paid less than expected.

Tezos explorers

  • Better Call Dev - Smart contract meta-explorer for Tezos, created specifically for smart contract developers.
  • TzKT - An advanced Tezos blockchain explorer based on its own open-source indexer with built-in performant API.

Tezos SDKs

  • PyTezos - Python SDK for Tezos: RPC, cryptography, operations, smart contract interaction.
  • Netezos - Tezos SDK for .NET: RPC, cryptography, operations, smart contract interaction, Ledger support.
  • Atomex SDK - Typescript SDK for Atomex: authentication, market data, orders, swaps, transactions.

Tezos dev tools

  • Faucet bot - Tezos testnets faucet, which provides developers with some tezos coins (XTZ) for testing purposes.
  • Michelson kernel - Tezos native contract language REPL in a Jupyter notebook.
  • Michelson syntax - Visual Studio Code extension providing syntax highlighting for Michelson and Morley source files.
  • ConseilPy - Python toolkit for Conseil blockchain indexer.
  • PyTzKT - Python toolkit for TzKT blockchain indexer.
  • DipDup - A framework for building selective Tezos indexers inspired by The Graph.


  • Atomex - Hybrid exchange based on atomic swap technology and multicurrency HD wallet.

Educational resources

  • Michelson Labs - Series of Jupyter notebooks for learning the Tezos native contract language.
  • PyTezos Labs - Series of Jupyter notebooks for learning Tezos internals with Python.


  • d’Appstore - Aggregated Tezos Decentralized applications, DEX and DeFi products usage stats and token turnover. Screenshots, social links, and affiliated contracts and other.


We are happy to hear any feedback (both positive and negative), so feel free to contact us: