F.A.Q Hic et nunc verification

The most common mistakes in account verification on Hicetnunc through the TzKT form

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# This article is out of date. Check a new alias verification FAQ here.

To verify your profile on Hic et nunc or any other service that uses the TzKT API to get aliases, fill out the form or contact us on Twitter or Telegram. If you have any problems, below are some common questions and answers. Good luck!

# How to confirm the Hic et nunc account?

To verify your account you need to do 2 things:

1. Send the transaction to our special address TzKT-Verification tz1YUigABASqRUWAG97qHfHwYkYEGDk9q2Qv. Any amount will do. 0.000001 still count.

2. Follow our Twitter account to confirm your ownership.

# What is an operation transaction hash?

This is the address of the transaction you sent. Where to find it:

  • Open it on TzKT
  • Enter your Tezos address in the search bar
  • Find your transaction in the list and click on it.
  • The details tab will appear on the right, find the "copy hash" icon and click it. That’s it, now you can paste it into the form.

# What if I haven’t a Twitter account?

You can send the form to our email address hello@baking-bad.org

# I sent a request. When will my data appear on the site?

Applications are processed manually. Usually, new applications appear the next day, but it can take up to 72 hours in some cases. Please bear with us - we don't have a huge moderation staff. We don't have it at all.

# My alias was added to the site, but I want to change my data. What should I do?

To update your profile, just submit a new form in our form. IMPORTANT: in the new application, specify ALL the data you want to be submitted. The blank fields will be removed from your profile.

See the previous item.

# When I want to update my profile, should I pay again?

Transaction to our verification account is NOT a payment, it’s the tz-address ownership confirmation, and may consist of a tiny amount. But yes, you have to make another transaction to prove that this request is made by you and not someone else.

# I sent a request, but it did not appear on the site.

You may have forgotten to fulfill the account verification conditions (see point 1). Such applications are filtered out. In addition, we will check the applications for violations of the terms.

# The description disappeared from my profile. How come?

Description this is a place where you can write a few words about yourself and your art, and it is moderated. Please, be correct, write in English, and do not use the description for advertising or proclamations.

# My site did not appear on my profile. Why?

We only approve functioning websites with the HTTPS security protocol. Also, all the websites are moderated for compliance with the terms.

# I have several tz-addresses. Can I add them from the same account?

Yes, fill out the form for each address and we will add them. IMPORTANT: TzKT-alias is a unique entity just like @username and cannot be repeated. So if you are Walter White, then for the second address you can make it, for example, Walter White 2

# How can I delete my alias?

Send your request to our email address hello@baking-bad.org and we’ll remove all your data.