TzKT Explorer update: Mumbainet, smart rollups, network status widget and more!

Tezos Explorer TzKT update brings smart optimistic rollups, new operation types, displaying current chain status, and more!

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Hello everyone,

We're thrilled to announce some exciting new features for TzKT that we know you're going to love! Our team has been hard at work developing these new capabilities, and we can't wait for you to try them out.

Without further ado, let's dive into what's new!

The Tezos Mumbai Protocol brings Smart Optimistic Rollups and new types of operations to work with them.

Smart Rollups - a rollup is a processing unit that receives and interprets input messages to update its local state and to produce output messages targeting the Tezos blockchain. Rollups are a permissionless scaling solution for the Tezos blockchain. Indeed, anyone can originate and operate rollups, allowing to increase the throughput of the Tezos blockchain. In TzKT this is implemented as a new type of account. Read the original docs for more information.

# New Smart Rollups operations types and other important changes:

  • Originate - rollup creation.
  • Publish - push commitment with a state of a rollup at a particular smart rollup inbox level to the mainnet.
  • Cement - make a previously pushed commitment unchanged if it has not been refuted in a certain amount of time (specified by the network constant).
  • Execute - execute outbox messages related to a particular cemented commitment. 23.03 TzKT release
  • Add messages - push messages to the global smart rollup inbox for further processing by smart rollups.
  • Recover bond - unlock the deposit that was the guarantor of staker’s honesty (can be sent only after all staker’s commitments are cemented).
  • Refute - refute a commitment that hasn’t been cemented yet, and start a refutation game. Refutation games are the most interesting part, and we will definitely write a whole article about it. 23.03 TzKT release
  • Block time has been shortened and is now 15 seconds on mainnet.
  • New addresses prefixed with "tz4" for wallets and prefixed with "sr1" for smart rollups.

# Export/import bookmarks.

This feature can be used when you want to save a copy of your bookmarks or transfer them to another device or browser. It allows you to easily backup, share, or move your bookmarks without having to manually recreate them. 23.03 TzKT release

# Clear local storage.

Your user settings, such as search history, bookmarks, and filter and sort settings for different contracts, are stored in the local storage. If you ever need to, you can easily clear out the entire local storage. Just be aware that all of your bookmarks will also be deleted, so don’t forget to export them beforehand. 23.03 TzKT release

# Display current chain status at the nav bar.

Everything you need to know about this feature is in this picture:) 23.03 TzKT release

# Non-voted bakers.

All possible periods of governance epochs now show non-voted bakers on the Pending Ballots tab. 23.03 TzKT release

# And in conclusion, a couple more little upgrades:
  • Auto update current account’s balance after auto refreshing operations list.
  • Custom date/time format.
  • New Metadata tab for contracts.

And don't miss the latest update to our API! We've added support for Mumbai protocol, Prometheus metrics for monitoring, contract metadata, and new RPC helpers. Check it out!

We're so grateful for your continued support of our product, and we hope these new features will help make your experience even more enjoyable and productive. As always, we're here to listen to your feedback and make improvements where we can. So, feel free to share all your ideas and suggestions on Discord and Telegram.