Atomic swap DEX maintenance in the Atomex wallet

Atomic swap exchange in the Atomex wallet is suspended due to regulatory uncertainty.

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Atomex under maintenance

In 2022 our team has done a great job on the new: Atomex DEX DApp, which is now ready to use. This new interface allows the use of Atomex DEX from external wallets, like Metamask and Temple. So the Atomex DEX became even more decentralized and independent as a DApp. We would have liked very much to proceed on this topic, but unfortunately we had to make a different decision.

# Maintenance announcement

During the full 2022 year the Atomex team were working hard on improving our cross-chain atomic swaps DEX trying to deliver our users the most decentralized, secured and user-friendly service on the market. Meanwhile, the 2022 year brought quite uncertain new challenges for the whole crypto industry. Setting the new all-time high in cumulative total for crypto hacks on the one hand and bringing unprecedented regulators restrictions on the other hand.

# Scope of works

Our maintenance process would include the following tasks:

  • Decentralized KYC integration
  • Forensic system improvement
  • Decentralized order book development
  • Decentralized liquidity providers network development
  • New use cases:
    • Rollups on-ramp solution development
    • OTC principal desk development
    • NFTs swaps development
    • DeFi bridge development

In today's reality, we find it very important to make our product secure and appropriate for blockchain community. Considering the rapidly changing environment we can’t exactly determine the time that maintenance process will take. However, we’ll do our best to get the Atomex DEX back to you as soon as possible.