TzKT Explorer update: Limanet, domains support, auto update operations list and more!

Tezos Explorer TzKT update brings new operation types, tezos domains support, improvements to the operation list, and more!

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Hi all, long time no see, we finally have something to show you and we hope you will enjoy it.

Let's start with the Tezos Lima protocol, you may have already seen Limanet in the network selector, but it brings a few more changes:

  • A new type of operation for Tezos bakers is update_consensus_key, which allows bakers to use different keys for signing consensus operations. You can also see the history of baker consensus key updates on the corresponding tab. 18.01 TzKT release
  • Drain_delegate is another new operation type. This operation immediately transfers all the spendable balance from baker's account to any other address. 18.01 TzKT release
  • Network constant liquidity_baking_sunset_level is gone for good.

# Tezos Domains support:

  • Easy search for accounts by domain name. 18.01 TzKT release
  • Domains list on the account page.
  • Pretty URLs - you can find an account just by adding one of its domains to the URL, like{domain name}. 18.01 TzKT release

# New for operations list:

  • Auto update - you no longer have to maniacally refresh the page while waiting for a new transaction, now it happens automatically.
  • Added badges for transfers and events. 18.01 TzKT release

# Taquito extension for developers

TzKT extension for the Taquito library can significantly speed up your application by reducing the number of requests made to a Tezos node. Instead, most of the queries are routed through TzKT API which is much more scalable. The best thing is that you don't have to change anything in your code (almost).

# Wallet connect:

  • Simple wallet connection for trading on DEXs (Sirius DEX and Quipuswap 1 version only supported) and delegation.
  • Delegate button in the bakers list - once you've selected a baker to delegate, you don't need to find the same baker in your wallet anymore, just push the button! 18.01 TzKT release
# And in conclusion, a couple more little upgrades:
  • Stats is now available for test networks as well.
  • All contracts now have a link for interacting on BCD.
  • Added full screen preview button for NFT.
  • Expanded information about token minting.

Of course, all data about new operations and information about domains and their current owners is available via TzKT API.

Please, feel free to share all your ideas and suggestions on Discord and Telegram.