Tezos profiles on TzKT released!

Tezos profile customization on the TzKT Explorer for NFT artists, contract holders, and more!

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This article can help you verify your Tezos account on TzKT explorer and configure your public profiles by adding name, logo and social links. And if you want to see the whole process clearly, watch our video guide.

# How to add and fill out my Tezos profile?

Do the following steps:

  • Log in to your profile on TzKT.Profiles: just connect your tz-wallet and authorize by signing a welcome message. Note: Only addresses with a non-zero balance can be authorized.
  • On the available accounts page select your public profile and click Edit.
  • Fill out the minimum set of required fields: logo, name and at least one of the verification links from the second section. You can also simply provide other useful information, such as a description, Telegram and Facebook.
  • Go back to the profile page. The table Update requests displays the status of requests for each single change, and as soon as the moderator confirms the minimum required set of data, the information on TzKT will be updated.
  • After a successful check, you can quickly go to your account page on TzKT simply by clicking on the address.


Moderation can take up to 72 hours while we check your request to make sure it doesn't contain NSFW or restricted content.

# How to edit a profile of a Tezos smart contract?

  1. Connect a wallet that originated the smart contract.
  2. On the page of available accounts, find the contract you want under Originated contracts.
  3. Go to edit and add the information you want. The process of filling and verification is exactly the same as for a profile.

# How do I give another account access to edit my profile information?

Go to your profile page → Settings tab → click Add account → enter a valid address.


Added account will be able to change your TzKT Profile information at any time.

# I am a public baker. What should I do?

Contact us via Telegram, Discord or Email to confirm your info and baker configuration, and we will update it. Also, we have a baker insurance program, you can check it out here.

# I want my Tezos DAPP to get listed. What to do?

We have a DAPP list on our website. Just fill out this form for DAPPs listing.

# How do I delete my account data?

Go to your profile page → Settings tab → click Remove account.


This operation is permanent. All your TzKT profile data will be lost and you will have to go through the verification process all over again.

# Still have any questions?

You can find the answer in the FAQ or contact us on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

We hope that this product will simplify the process of adding and verifying data for Tezos accounts on TzKT.

That's it, see you soon!