TzKT Explorer update: Indexer changes, NFT views, new operation types and more!

Tezos Explorer TzKT update brings changes in indexer and API, improved NFT views, new operation types support, Sirius widget and more!

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# Changes in TzKT indexer and API

In addition to the Kathmandu support we did a significant improvement, worth mentioning. Now all id's, exposed in API responses, are deterministic, which means that even on different instances of the TzKT indexer, launched at different time and restored from different snapshots, the id's will be the same.

What was the problem with id's before v1.10.0? Well, they were non-deterministic (just incremental). This led to different values on different DB instances. For example, the same transaction might have "id": 1234 on, "id": 1233 on, and "id": 1232 on your own instance of the API. So, it wasn't possible to use them in the long term, neither do completely consistent balance loading.

Now the id's exposed via API are deterministic, and you can safely store them and rely on them in the long term. Also it is now possible to do load balancing without worrying about data consistency, which is awesome!

As a drawback, id's became longer (int64, instead of int32, as before v1.10.0).

# All the main features of the new Kathmandu protocol have been added to TzKT:

Increase Paid Storage operations - a new type of operations with which you can prepay a contract storage. 30.09 TzKT release VDF revelations operations is a new type of operations, which participate in the mechanism of randomness generation in Tezos. See more details here 30.09 TzKT release

# Added support for events in the operation details, and in the list of contracts

30.09 TzKT release

# And one more big update for Tezos tokens

It's time to release the pain searching Tezos tokens! Just start typing the token name, no mater is it an NFT or DeFi token. Token search now works for all categories and is no longer affected by CAPS 30.09 TzKT release Added a convenient option to view the NFT in the form of cards with the ability to view all transfers, the size of the collection and the amount on the balance. 30.09 TzKT release

# Sirius Widget

At the request of the community, made faster and easier access to Liquidity Baking (aka Sirius DEX). The TzKT home page now provides key metrics for Sirius DEX, such as APR, total value locked (TVL) and daily volume. 30.09 TzKT release