Ultimate tokens view on TzKT Tezos explorer

Improved tokens view, optimized batch transfers and mint & burn operations view

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# This week we released a major update for tokens and token transfers.

We keep improving your experience on the TzKT Tezos explorer, this time by adding a more detailed view of operations with tokens.

  • Now TzKT properly displays token amounts (taking into account decimals, specified in the token metadata) and token name/symbol in the operation feed for all tokens, including NFTs
  • Added token preview. Now there is no need to open a new tab, all the basic information about the token can be viewed in the preview card - just hover over the token name/symbol in the operation feed: TzKT1808 token preview
  • To distinguish DeFi tokens from NFTs we append $ to the DeFi token symbol: TzKT1808 $ tokens
  • Now TzKT displays a complete history of token operations on the account page, including all mints and burns, which were missed before (they were displayed simply as contract calls, with no any information about the token and its amount): TzKT1808 burn and mint
  • Now itโ€™s possible to view batch transfers - just click on the button: TzKT1808 batches
  • Token transfers are now displayed in all operations where they can happen, such as originations and migrations: TzKT1808
  • We realized that it is possible to mislead users by setting a token name or symbol to ๊œฉ. To help people distinguish it from real tez, we forcibly replace it with bananas ๐Ÿ˜„: TzKT1808

We hope all the changes will make using the TzKT even more handy and pleasant. Please, feel free to share all your ideas and suggestions on Discord and Telegram

Cheers! ๐Ÿบ