Tezos Dapps revealed! TzKT explorer continues evolving

Explore Top Tezos Dapps like never before!

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Today we released a major update on TzKT with Tezos Dapps exploring: https://tzkt.io/dapps (opens new window)

On the Dapps page we have tried to put the most fascinating details about Tezos Dapps in the most user-friendly way. Let's take a closer look.

Dapps list can be filtered by title (search bar) and sorted by categories buttons (below search bar) dapps Open a dapp page and you will see its description, screenshots, website and social links.

The most interesting part - charts!

  • Volume - sum of all incoming and outgoing transaction and token transfer amounts for all the contracts in the Dapp as a whole (not counting internal txs)
  • TVL - sum of all tezos and token balances (converted to tez using QuipuSwap quotes and then converted to usd using Coinbase quotes) of the contracts belonging to the Dapp
  • Users - total number of unique addresses that called any of the contracts belonging to the Dapp
  • Interactions - total number of operation groups (not including internal calls) where target is a contract belonging to the Dapp

Different timeframes allow you to look at the application in a new light. dapps If dapp has tokens, you can check them at the bottom of the Dapp page. Here you can find brief statistics on the tokens, such as price, supply and market cap. Clicking on a token opens the detailed page of the token.


We're still working on the TzKT token price indexing and hope to release that soon. Meanwhile, there could be missed prices and wrong market cap.


In the upper right corner there is a View Contracts button, where you can explore the Dapp contracts. There is also a search bar, where you can find a contract by alias or address, and open a specific contract page.

dapps If you wish any Dapp to be listed, please, click the "Add New Dapp" button in the right upper corner and provide the Dapp details in the Google form.


For the correct calculation of statistics it is important to have a complete list of contracts. However, it is not necessary to list all contracts that are created by other contracts (factory). Please specify the factory contract with the notation factory.


As always, we are happy to hear your thoughts and ideas on Twitter (opens new window) and Telegram (opens new window), your questions are very welcome!