Better Call Dev Tezos contract explorer update on July 7.

Contract deploy tool, global constants registry, reworked operations filters

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# Better Call Dev Tezos contract explorer received an update on July 7. Contract deploy tool brought back, renewed and improved, together with the global constants registry.

# Release notes:

  1. Added a registry of global Michelson constants to the Network Page. It is now possible to see detailed information about the constant expression, as well as the list of contracts using it. Global constants
  2. In addition to the Fork feature you can now upload your contract code, specify initial storage, and deploy it to one of the supported networks. Deploy tool
  3. Now you have an opportunity to repeat any successful contract call operation: press the “replay” button to open a pre-filled interact form. Repeat operation
  4. Filters on the operations tab were completely reworked, and a new search algorithm was introduced. Filters
  5. The BCD API is about to become non-public. This means that the API schema may change without notice and without maintaining backward compatibility. Please use the TzKT API instead of BCD API.