Better Call Dev explorer update from June 6

Added Jakarta support, Views feature, and details tab

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# Better Call Dev explorer received a major update on June 6th. It includes multiple improvements in the core functionality and several changes in the user interface.

# Release notes:

  • Main update: added basic Jakarta protocol support.
  • New feature: added Views tab. Previously you could interact with off-chain views at the metadata tab. Now, a dedicated views tab displays both off- and on-chain views with the ability to interact with both types.
  • Refactoring: Contract information, such as "Logs'' and "Same", was moved to the separate Details tab. All the contract details are now displayed as a single list, plus there is an option to view the contract in the TzKT explorer.
  • Refactoring: Better Call Dev main page has been reworked. The network summary table was replaced by a recently called contracts list, where you can still switch between networks.

Old action buttons were moved to the page header (but not all of them though: pick random is gone for good)

  • Fixes: Minor bugs were fixed.