Bet or Bot challenge results

Our Bet or Bot challenge on Granada testnet was a success, thanks to all our early adopters! Now it’s time to share some insights and announce the results.

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# Summary

Despite the Granada network issues during the challenge we have observed more than 100 liquidity addings and bets in the first 5 days of the challenge. The uncommonly long block intervals (5 minutes and more) helped us to identify several tricky problems in Juster backend and interface, fortunately at this stage of the project.

In the total number of 95 events with at least one participant, we have the following distribution by event duration:

We can see that one hour events are by far the most popular, which was to be expected in the face of competition conditions and time constraints.

# The Winners

We are very proud that more than half of the participants finished the challenge with a profit, which shows that the financial skills of the Tezos community are quite high. We also noticed quite a variety of strategies and trading tactics, including “Ratio searching” and “last block” betting tactics.

Finally, we have selected 4 contestants who demonstrated a cool play style. Since personal statistics vary a lot and it's hard to rank participants by any one metric, we decided to skip ranking and just call them the ultimate winners of our "Bet or Bot" challenge.

Congratulations to the best:

  • tz1PFMJnEg4eau8QLJA3Bt9rCmEcD8F7cL9r (ROI: 0.56%)

  • tz1hwHSjAX4LLuVBZNEwimE4wixPRPSfCy7s (ROI: 18.35%)

  • tz1XFDgWRqHBbFJmgXqVshnBzVg2SRBZGuXi (ROI: 69.32%)

  • tz1YoN2BgDjYyXfXmvBwdVAe8dXrs76rRoNP (ROI: 0.22%)

Nicely done! Once our community reward and airdrop program goes live нou will be among the first, and we also have something special for you😉

# For all participants

If your address is not on the list, don't feel bad, all the participants will be recognized in our incentive program. Thank you so much for the interest and your invaluable help in testing Juster!