Juster launches Bet or Bot Granadanet Challenge!

Juster Bet or Bot Granadanet Challenge rules and instructions

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Last week we launched Juster on Testnet, and now we have a heavy bag of your helpful feedback and suggestions. Thank you all for them! But let's take the coins a little more seriously now. Today we are starting our two weeks betting marathon.

# Rules

Rules are simple: there are no rules. Just provide liquidity and make bets, follow or frontrun other contestants. There is only one goal – make a profit. Be tight providing liquidity / check your market instincts and make bets / take advantage by making a bot / or just hack it. Remember – all strategies are good and can lead you to be unforgotten by Juster 😉.

# How to participate in Juster's "Bet or Bot" Challenge

  • Start Date & Time: Tuesday, 30 November, 17:00 UTC
  • End Date & Time: Tuesday, 14 December, 17:00 UTC

Please note that you have to complete all the whitelist tasks to be qualified to participate in the challenge:

  1. Follow Baking Bad on Twitter
  2. Join the Juster Discord channel
  3. Fill out and submit the participation form.
  4. Make a new address on Tezos Granadanet. Note that you should keep it safe. It will be used for challenge rewards distribution on Mainnet.
  5. Top your address with some Tez. You can use the faucet for that. We recommend you start with a 100 – 2000 Tez balance.
  6. Get ready and good luck

# How the winners will be defined

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, so you don't have to show huge profits. Basically, you have to show some strategy and manage to finish with profit.

# What are the prizes

Our community reward and airdrop program is in development. Stay tuned for news and follow us at:

Twitter | Discord