Tezos contract explorer Better Call Dev now supports Dalphanet and advanced contract interaction via Beacon

Injecting operations via Beacon/Thanos extensions, cloning Tezos contracts to other networks, autocomplete for the parameter builder, and more

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Yesterday we released a new version of BCD explorer that is mostly focused on Tezos contract interaction.


You can now perform contract calls of arbitrary complexity (nested types, lambdas, etc) and execute them via Thanos wallet or other Beacon-supporting extension, or do a simulation, or just copy raw parameters.

In addition to that, BCD now allows to clone any contract using a convenient storage editor and deploy it via Beacon as well.

# Beacon and Thanos integration

Thanks to the Beacon SDK, Thanos wallet, and Taquito library, Better Call Dev has become a universal client for any contract. You can actually inject the operation with parameters built on BCD's interaction tab.

This functional is not fully available in the sandbox version, but we will fix that soon.

# Interaction form improvements

Multiple style fixes and visual improvements were applied, and we also have fixed several bugs in the parameter builder.
Here are the most notable changes.

Field labels and placeholders
Both field type and name are currently displayed, in addition to the full type spec in the right sidebar.

Lambda expressions editor
Write lambdas in pure Michelson, or paste a result of compiling LIGO, SmartPy, or other high-level language code.

Nested type structures
Most of the cases found in the public networks are correctly handled at the moment, BCD supports nested maps (big_maps), lists, sets, options.

FA callback addresses
In case you want to call a view method you would need a callback address which has to be found/deployed in davance. We have marked all contracts suited for FA1.2/FA2 view methods and you can paste a random one by pressing "Fill" button.

Fill with the latest call params
Finally, it's much easier to fill parameters with the data from the latest applied transaction and then edit fields that are needed to be changed.

# Fork button

This feature allow to copy any contract to any public network (sandbox soon) with an existing or custom storage. You can either copy resulting script or deploy the contract via Beacon/Thanos wallets.

# Tezos FA token stats

A community-requested feature allowing to compare different FA standard implementations by gas consumption. Also, this is effectively a full list of token contracts.

# Minimal Dalphanet support

We made sure that the new test network is indexed correctly and BCD can be already used for debugging. Anything to do with Sapling is currently not supported and will likely to be added after 007 protocol is injected.

# Changes in API endpoints

Several forced modifications have been made to the API design, if you use the endpoints listed below, please take note.


/v1/tokens/{network}/{address}/transfers endpoint is deprecated (still working though), please use /v1/tokens/{network}/transfers/{address} instead.

/v1/tokens/{network} response body has changed, please see docs for details.

# What are we working on

In the next release, we will present a first prototype of our own Tezos DApp listing-slash-tracker with extended usage stats and other interesting features.
Stay tuned!