Almost 10 mln Tezos coins are in the staking balance with Deactivated Tezos bakers

Tezos stats on how much Tezos coins are in the staking with Deactivated bakers and Dead delegation services

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In Tezos there are cases when the node of the baker becomes Inactive or Deactivated in the blockchain. This happens either because the baker has changed the infrastructure with the baking address, or just decided to stop baking.

At the same time, all the delegators should change such bakers as soon as possible to not lose their staking rewards. Unfortunately, not everyone uses our recommendations for rewards tracking with the Baking Bad tools (dashboard on the website, telegram bot). Therefore, it happens that an inactive address has some, and sometimes a very large Tezos staking balance, which certainly does not have any benefit to the Tezos network, baker, and his delegates. We decided to remind the community about it and made a small statistics, which can be easily tracked on the page of Deactivated delegates on Tezos Explorer.

This is not a very significant number, but it seems it needs attention, especially for Tezos Governance process.


If your baker is Deactivated, read our instructions on how to choose a good baker, re-delegate, and thus participate in the voting.
And of course, start receiving Tezos staking rewards!

Previously, as an auditor of public Tezos bakers, we published reports on how much Tezos coins (Tez) in staking balance of the Closed or Dead Tezos bakers. It is important to note the difference — Deactivated is a list of all the bakers, public and non-public, which are inactive in the network. But there are also public bakers, which have stopped their delegation services (they have the status of Closed) or just stopped paying and scam (Dead bakers). Those who have delegated to such bakers do not receive their staking rewards, and do not vote (or vote with the Dead bakers). Therefore, you need to be even more attentive to this issue! You can find the list of Closed and Dead Tezos bakers, and calculations in this table.


If your baker is Closed or Dead, you should re-delegate your funds ASAP.

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