You have delegated Tezos coins. What’s next? Staking rewards tracker

Tezos staking rewards tracking with telegram Baking Bot. Free tool for Tezos community to check baker’s responsibility.

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Tezos Baking Bot is created for delegators. It was designed to notify users if a staking reward payout is missing or less than expected. Also, it can notify about transactions and expected rewards.

Notice: After subscription, for more accurate notifications you should configure the following options: “✏️ Fee”, “✏️ Delay” and “✏️ Tolerance”. You should also specify what types of notifications you want to receive.

Let’s try:

Follow the link

Press the “➕ Add subscription” button

Enter your KT or TZ address and press the send button.

In case of success, a subscription window will appear. Click the “✏️ Edit” button to configure subscription settings.

Press the “✏️ Fee” button to set up your Tezos baker’s fee. If you don’t know it, leave it unchanged.

After clicking the “✏️ Fee” button, you will be asked to enter the baker’s fee. Enter the number in percent and press send button.

Click the “✏️ Delay” button to configure your Tezos bakers’ payout delay. If you don’t know it, just leave this field unchanged. In most cases, this field is correct by default.

After clicking the “✏️ Delay” button, in the message entry field, enter bakers’ payout delay in cycles and press send button. For example, if your Tezos baker pays when rewards are unfrozen, set “6”, if you baker pays right after the cycle ends without delay, set “1”.

Press the “✏️ Tolerance” button, and notifications will be sent only in case when bakers debt is higher than the “Tolerance” value.

After clicking the “✏️ Tolerance” button, in message entry field enter minimum reported debt value in XTZ (0.002 XTZ for example) and press the send button.

Use “🔔 Rewards” “🔔 Payouts” and “🔔 Reports” buttons to configure types of notifications you want to receive.

“🔔 Rewards” — notifications about available rewards, which baker have to pay during the current cycle.

“🔔 Payouts” — notification about all incoming transactions.

“🔔 Reports” — notifications about missed or less than expected payouts.

Insured baker’s delegators features:

For all delegators of insured bakers, we will send notifications in the following cases:

  • Insurance case;
  • Change in insurance coverage;
  • Termination of cooperation between Baking Bad Insurance and baker.

Other functions

The “📁 My subscriptions” button shows all user’s subscriptions, allow to configure subscription settings by clicking the “✏️ Edit” button or delete by clicking the “🚫 Delete” button.

The “💬 Leave feedback” button allows the user to easily interact with us. We would be happy if you use this feature to express your opinion about the bot or suggest improvements.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback in our telegram chat.

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